Risk Management in Day Trading

Team Day Trader Beginner Course 4

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At TeamDayTrader.com we understand that alot of traders are looking for a place to plug in… a place where they can interact with other traders that share the same passion, a place where they can learn the skills that will enable them to overcome the obstacles before them, but most importantly, they’re looking for a place where they can benefit from the experiences of other professionals who have gone before them and already achieved the type of success they envision for themselves.

Today’s Comments

Jason Pries Risk ManagementI, Jason, receive questions or comments on the stream about Risk Management and my thoughts behind it. I ended up hosting a Special Event in order to maybe give my perspective in how I use Risk Management with my top 10 topics. Hopefully this video kind of helps explain the meaning behind my views in Risk Management – “Price is Truth”.

Also, these videos are for YOU! If you have any questions or if there is anything you would like to see or have explained, let me know by email at: TeamDayTrader@gmail.com (Attn: Jason/Education)

Don’t forget, CONTEXT is extremely important. Do not trade any setup mechanically and expect to have good results. Always judge the strength of any directional move in terms of market internals, overall pattern, tempo, and where the current range sits in relation to prior areas of balance.

With that said, “We have great challenges and great opportunities, and with your help, we will meet them together!” – Jason

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Very Important: This course is for educational purposes only. We are not suggesting or implying anywhere in the course that you should rush out and invest your hard earned money in the financial markets. In fact we will teach you how to invest/trade on paper without risking any of your hard earned money first. Never! Never! Never! Put money into anything you don’t fully understand. This is where this course comes in. All the basic concepts about approaching trading with the right expectations are included in the following course.

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